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Dancing Grooms


Who doesn't love a good wedding...we certainly do! If the idea of a Tipi Wedding is what brings you to us here at Firelight then Congratulations!

Whether you choose for us to be a part of your day or not we're made up for is to be shared!!

New Year Party


We wholeheartedly encourage you to celebrate as much as you possibly can. Whilst you might not need us for the smaller joys life brings, for the big stuff we are here ready and waiting! Send us an enquiry and we'll ensure you can celebrate in truly unique style, exactly where you want to.

Working Together on Project


Got an exceptional team that needs rewarding?

If ever there was a time when that answer was overwhelming "yes" I'm sure right now is it. Show your team exactly how appreciated going the extra mile is by doing something a little different for your next event.

What's even better with Tipi hire is we can come to you!

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